The Vision of Our Church

To establish and operate a local church and incidental to the operation of that church to accomplish the following ministry functions:

To provide for the spiritual and natural needs of the residents of the community immediately surrounding our principal place of worship.

To break through the spirit of poverty in the surrounding community and in the lives of those in attendance at the worship services.

To offer hope to all who come into our influence through the message of God’s salvation.

To establish and operate such forums of Christian fellowship as shall be good and edifying to the Body of Christ universal;

To establish and operate a shelter to meet the needs of homeless and battered women and children;

To be obedient to our Lord’s great commission “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND TEACH ALL NATIONS …” making disciples through personal evangelism; and

To acquire and hold such property, Real and Personal, as shall become necessary to accomplish any of the above stated purposes.